Sweet-bitter memories!!

It was a busy Dusshera Friday. Yeah I work on Fridays 😞.When the whole world is preparing for a leisurely weekend, I have a never ending list of patients who want to see the dentist to make sure they can drink and dine on the weekend.(It is definitely a challenge if you know back home everybody is in a festive mood and your FB feed is all lit up with happy faces). For here,fair enough the people on the list have slogged all week and they deserve it totally!! P.S. I am talking about delish food and posh wine hereπŸ˜‰ not encountering me in my dentist mode.

Returning to the point, I finished my day list and was all set with my snail paced TomTom to fetch Sonnie. Just then my phone vibrated, it was one of the mommies in my gang. She said hurriedly, ” Dj, I am here in Newcastle buying a new car.” “Oh!!That’s nice, I am glad my opinion mattered while you are on about a big purchase.”, I replied feeling all important. I believe she frowned and said,” Err!! Nahiiii(no) please pick Ariya no from Manisha’s house and we shall pick her on our way back.” Before I could process the time schedule in my mind the phone went beeeeeeeep.

To be honest I do not mind that coming from good friends, it only means they can trust me with whatever.

Me and my TomTom drove to the nursery and then to this another friend’s house and back to mine. We unclutched my li’l boy, picked a big bag and a small bag and headed from the parking spot.

On our way to the doors, Ariya said chirpingly,” You know this is the second time I have been picked from one place and dumped into someone else’s home to find mom is still not there. By the way, the first time this happened it was my BFF’s house and then to my not so good friend’s and you know this best friend was very upset …… and so on.” Whoaaaa!! I call that energy,which I genuinely lacked. 😩😩

I knew the only way to engage was give her a story back. Her disposal to her friend’s home reminded me of the day when my dad almost lost me. I was only five or may be six then. My mum was out of station attending a marwaari wedding. My dad was my incharge apart from cleaning and cooking. Also he was supposed to pick me up from school and drop me to my neighbours door.

Me being me got tempted that week by my then BFF and fled to her house to play hopscotch. We never had any cell phones or FB account then and of course we never had any brains too. Clearly, my dad failed to find me at the school. He wandered here and there like a loony.He nearly thought I has been kidnapped. He called a few of the local families frantically.

He was guilty, worried, lost-all at the same time.

He came out on the street sorry faced, eyes gazing -hopeful or hopeless was hard to say. And there I came hopping with a lolly in my hand and shouted,” Papa!!aaj maza aaya bahut.”(I had so much fun today)πŸ€—πŸ€—

He hugged me like I was just born, his tired eyes flooded, he enquired with a choked voice, “Where have you been? Why did you not wait for me? I thought I almost…..” Tears trailed on his cheeks. ” I was playing hopscotch at Megha’s,you know her mum made us some yumm paranthas and gave me the lolly..yipppie”, said I with all that naivety .

He took me inside the house. He never told me off that day. The incident inked in my mind forever. I did not know why but I guess I could sense how helpless my dad felt. And now after being a mum, I probably can relate to his stress that day.

Ariya listened to the whole incident carefully. She jumped of the couch with a juicy pear in her hand and remarked in her Yorkshire accent,” May be you could have…….. .” A zillion ideas on how to inform your parents if you are lost splashed there in a few minutes.

I smiled back with joys lit in my eyes.

I was taken back to the best days of my life by this livewire in my living room. The week was drawing to a closure- much valued sweet bitter closure. 😊😊

Happy Dusshera folks!!

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  1. We are made up of our memories…eh?, And the lessons off of them. There aren’t enough words to pack it all in – the parent’s worry and the child’s carefree life… Beautifully put together…
    Shall We Say… Happy Parenting (& Reminiscing…!)
    And, Well…A very happy festive season


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