To the NEVER of our lives..

When you fall in love the first time, when your passion speaks to you more than ever, when your desires reach a high, when you want what you want… there aint a never!!!!

Never we sleep with the dreams ,
that will come true..
Never we dream that we want more,
if we really do..
Never that eye blinks when it sees,
What it loves,
Never that breathe stops till it gets,
What it craves..
Never those hands shake when they hold,
What they mould,
Never that mind muddles when ..
The truth unfolds,
Never that heart sinks till it has,
All the love that grows..
Never that soul departs till it merges ‘as one’
With the best it knows..DJ



This poetry is a dedication to today’s world..the media..and our lives woven in the so called news that travel from around the world thinking about the sad state of all of us yet never inspires us to work towards them!!

आज कोई काम नहीं तो सोचा ,

अख़बार की सुर्ख़ियो से दिल बेहलाए,

कुछ तो अलग छपा होगा,

इस ख़याल से पन्ने फैलाए ।

पहली ख़बर राजनैतिक दव्दं थी,

विषय गहन, भाषा स्वच्छन्द थी,

जैसे रस्सी कोई दोनों सिरों से खींचे था,

अपना ज़ोर चलाने दाँतो में भींचे था,

सियासी मारामारी थी,

पक्षों की कोशिश जारी थी,

फिर वही दुखी दशा देख देश की,

नई ख़बर की ओर बढ़े ,

शायद कोई अच्छी ख़बर पढ़े।।

पन्ना दूजा, बात वही की वही रही,

कही जात पात का भेदभाव,

तो कही जीवन का कोई मोल नही,

वही सोच है, वही समाज,

ऊँच नीच में फँसे कड़वे बोल वही,

सुबह की चाय आधी थी,

अख़बार से उम्मीद बाकि थी,

नई ख़बर की ओर बढ़े ,

शायद कोई अच्छी ख़बर पढ़े।।

ये तस्वीर में कैसा कोहरा है?

कही कई घर घिरे है पानी में,

कही पानी बिन जीवन अधूरा है,

कालिक है धुएँ की?,

या छाया बादल गहरा है।

ये तस्वीर में कैसा कोहरा है?

क्या यह अन्त काल का पहरा है?

हम सोच में है पड़े ,

बाकि ताज़ा अब क्या पढ़े?

फिर आख़िरी चुस्की लगाकर ,

अख़बार को रखकर परे,

मन में विचार हमने करे,

दिल के बहलाने को हम रोज़

अख़बार में है झाँकते ,

जो रोज़ ख़ुदी में झाँक ले,

शायद सुर्ख़ियाँ कम छपे ।। dj

Mein khidki se jhaaku toh….

This is an ode to the times when I was a young child. My dad would wake me up for the school and I would lazily open my window and look out first and then sit in the porch listening to the chirping birds and not wanting to get started with the routine. Sluggish I was but the fresh air when it touched my face is like a dream now..

I wonder and worry will my sonnie experience the same beauty? Will he ever wake up in the arms of nature and breathe the beauty? Will the smog cover his dreamy eyes? Will he see the sun rising from the mountains? Will he listen to the birds singing? Will he……?

I wonder..

.. Subah kabhi jab aankh khule,

Aur usi subah ne odha kala badal ho ,

Main khidki se jhaaku toh,

Wahi hawa zara si pagal ho.

Kahi abhi bhi chaandni faili ho,

Kahi suraj leta athkheli ho,

Main khidki se jhaaku toh,

Dharti jaise ek paheli ho.

Kuch Panchi daana chun ne jaate ho,

Kuch udd suraj ko jagate ho,

Main khidki se jhaaku toh,

Kuch mere aangan mein chehchahate ho.

Kahi araam se bachpan sota ho,

Kahi umr sair pe kadam badhaati ho,

Main khidki se jhaaku toh,

Maa chaadar nanhe ko udaati ho.

Kahi oss ki boonde bikhri ho,

Kahi aas ki kaliyaa khilti ho,

Main khidki se jhaaku toh,

Suraj ki kirano se paani ki tarange milti ho.

Main jo yeh chaahu, jo yeh maangu,

Yeh kalpana hai ya swapn kahi,

Main khidki se roz hi jhakta hu,

Par dikhta kyu na swarg yahi,

Main aankh masalta hu,

Aankhon ki dhoondh hataane ko,

Par hataash ho jata hu,

Dhue mein lipti meri kalpana paane ko!!

Mein haar na maan ne paaunga!!

This one is dedicated to our bravehearts who lost their lives in the Pulwama terror attack. Not even once they think before taking away lives. Does it cost nothing to anyone?? Does it mean nothing to anyone??

Mein tujhme mil jaau, Aisi meri kismat ho,

Mein tujhse mil jaau, jab tujhe meri zaroorat ho,

Woh gola bankar barse, toh mein aag ban lad paau,

Woh aag bankar barse, toh mein paani ban use bhujau.

Woh vaar kare jo tujhpe, toh seena mera aage ho,

Woh hathiyaar uthe jo tujhpe, toh faili meri baahein ho.

Woh phir se kissa dohraaye, toh mein phir se sheesh utha paau,

Woh phir se jaal bichaye, toh mein tiranga odh bich jaau..

Woh laanghe seema ko apni, toh mitti ka swaad use chakaau,

Woh dehshat ki aag lagaaye, toh mein raakh use kar jau..

Tujhse milna , tujhme milna kewal meri chaah nahi,

Jo tere liye mit jau e!! Maa, toh jeene ki parwaah nahi

Tu hi mera garv hai, tu hi mera swarg hai,

Teri rakhsha karna hi mere jeevan ka lakshya hai,

Woh daitya bana jo baitha hai,chaahe jitne waar kare,

Jeevan ke sanhaar se, jeevan ka sanhaar kare..

Sau baar giroonga tujh pe,

Sau baar phir se janam lekar

Sau baar mein waapas aaunga,

Mein haar na maan ne paaunga,

E!! Maa Mein haar na maan ne paaunga!

Jai Hind 🇮🇳🇮🇳

Eggless chocolate mug brownie :7 minutes indulgence!!

Have you been home all weekend? Was it snowing out there and you could not manage to grab your favourite dessert? Are you chocolate obsessed tonight? And do you lack time and skills to bake a choco pie and please your sweet tooth?

All the above nearly happened to me this Sunday. If the day is not right, you are exhausted and bored of the usual, a moist, decadent chocolate cake can do wonders for you.

Chocolate carries all the goodie factors that you need on dull, dry day. It powers you up with quick calories, enhances the cognition, carries antioxidants, helps the brain function better and besides all the medical stuff chocolate is the ultimate indulgence #nomnom😋.

Being a mum 24 x7 and doing the other lot is not the simplest job at hand.A busy parent is always on the run on a weekend. From morning breakfast to noon swimming sessions and a million other errands to run leaves one with no space or time to satisfy the purging mini cravings.

And ofcourse, we are not allowed to stock up these heavenly stuffs plus we are too drained to go out on a Sunday . So what you do about the once in a while evening when you crave for a chocolate cake or a choco-swirl that you want so badly?

A simple trick is – keep the loose ingredients ready in your cupboard and check my post.

This seven minutes recipe for one has been adapted from and is sure to leave you in sync with your soul and in a state of choco-bliss.

Ingredients😦 prep time- 5 min)

✍ all purposs flour -3 tbsp

✍ unsweetened cocoa powder -2tbsp

✍castor sugar – 4tbsp

✍vegetable oil -3tbsp

✍milk -3tbsp

✍ nutella -1tbsp( optional)

✍ baking soda -1/4 tsp

✍ fruit jelly (optional)


😋 mix the dry ingredients in a microwave safe mug.

😋 add the wet ingredients except nutella and whisk well.

😋 top up with nutella.

😋 microwave for 2 minutes at high power.

😋 leave in microwave for 30 seconds afterwards.

😋 garnish with a fruit jelly or chocochips or marshmallows.

😋 sit back on your couch and dig in your mug.

This fun recipe fulfils my sweet tooth yearning in no time. It is easy and safe to pass on to your kids when they are ready for the microwave usage.

Let me know if you enjoyed this quick mug brownie, momma?

Enjoying mine now.. 😋😋

What is your little joy!!

My alarm went off. I snoozed it. Turned my duvet on my face, wanting the last five minutes of sleep. I cuddled my little being and held his tiny,warm fingers in my palm. He is my own fuzzy teddy bear. The alarm tooted again… I whispered firmly, not wanting to wake up my baby,”Shhhhhh!!..why can’t you see us sleep?” Alarms do not talk back ..🙄🙄 they just go bleeeeeeeeeep.

Here I was peeping out of the heavy, embroidered curtain of my bedroom on a pitch dark morning. It was too frosty to look outside. I opened my winking eyes fully and muttered to myself,” God! Did it snow last night, uggh my car..🙄.” The red tiny VW was coated all white and looked needled and cold both.

I went to the kitchen, turned the stove on, kept my teapot to create some warmth in that -4C. Freezing it was this morning. I wanted to jump back into my maroon heavenly duvet just that moment but a long list of people were waiting for me.”Will people care to get their glistening teeth checked in this glistening snowfall?”, I wondered. “May be.”, replied my dutyful self.😐

That may be called me back to my usual morning routine. Yoga. Tea. Bath. Lunch pack. Baby A~breakie, shower, orange jumper. Hubby~car to be cleaned and on the drive way. I prayed more than ever only ’cause I hate driving in needs to drive slow and fear the skid sign till the destination arrives. Phew!!

As I sipped my morning tea I mentioned to my Mr,” Please drop him to the day care as I can barely gaurentee my safety today.” A vertical nod answered it all. I opened the door of my riding sleigh, turned the heating on and took a selfie which said ready to drive in the snow. Whether I was- still remains a good question.

Remebering all the Gods and Goddesses I pray,I gently cruised through my driveway. The dog and the woman speeded up to give the threatened me a way. I thanked them in my heart. Slowly but surely I was making my way uphill and came up the skid sign… drrrrrrrrr…… no no . Phone. Ring. Hubby. Come down. Save me.😥😥

“Call taxi,now”, furious on the snow, I remarked. Waiting time -40 minutes-meant 4 people with needs dissapointed.

As much as I dislike starting my working days with a delay due to a natural or man-made disaster, my little man jumped with joy seeing me coming back and shouted,”Mummaaaaa!!.” I smiled😊😊.

This must have been the first time I did not curse the entire world for not letting me start my day the same old way. We got out of the stuck car, made some snow balls and started throwing at each other. We ran down in an imaginary sleigh and he repeatedly said with excitement,” sNOW, sNOW.”(P.S.-s is silent here)

Instant smiles worked wonders for me all day. I was late at work. The patients very patiently waited for me to come. There was no lag and this time the snow did not let me down.

Have you felt such little joys in life recently, where from all the dark comes a gleam to set it all right? Share here and spread the joy.

My 3 minutes creation..

Is writing your passion? Have you ever written one thought, few words and no title work? Has an idea, a picture or an observation motivated you to just pen down ?

This is my titleless 3 minutes..

A stick of two,
Broke in a few..
To make a nest..
For the birds to rest..
The flock set in..
Settled down..
They were fixing the twigs
And a thunder came on..
Was it the wolf
Or the clouds streaked
They tried hard..
To hold on tight
They tried hard
Not to give up the fight..
But the stick of two
That was now a few
Shuddered and shattered
Under the rain
The birds flew away
Left the effort in vain..

Share what is your quickest creativity in the comment box ?

All you need is 40 minutes..FITNESS GOALS!!

Are you a busy employee? Are you a working mom? Are you lazy to hit the gym? Or, do you not care because you haven’t touched the fourth decade yet ?

I dread to say I am all of it .. busy working mom..lazy to gym..and SCARED of aging issues.

Last year in December, I had to grip to a physiotherapy appointment. Oh yes!! My knees were hurting and mind you I am still in my 30s. The physio guy told me that my right knee was inflamed, my muscles were taut, my balance and posture was poor and so on …. thank God🙏🙏 he didnt say that I may need one of those transplant surgeries in the next decade or so.

Anyways.. those 20 minutes hit my heart straight. I fear dependency of any form and more so physical. So 2019 top resolution was.. push out the adjectives..busy, lazy, working,scared and find a way out.

Google as usual stood as unrivalled research tool and I discovered the following facts :

🖌 average height and bodied personality like me with BMI 25-26 need to weigh around 52 kgs.

🖌to lose 500gms or 1/2 a pound a week I need to shut down on 500cals a day.

🖌 cardio plus stretching is the best mix.

🖌veggies are better than fruits and celery is better than anything a vegetarian eats.

🖌my one sugar little milk tea calls for 40 cals.

🖌my tropical granola with nuts and dried fruits was my heaviest meal of the day..

Oh yeah .. that was a lot of R and D for one evening and 3 episodes of House of Cards.

So now where was the action plan while I had the agenda and the data on board. I needed to score something my not so little Baby A will enjoy too without screaming or getting bored of.

Also, I should be able to carry it out realistically while managing a 9 to 5 job, a maidless home and two dependent for food boys (the second one is in late 30s😉)

While it was all in my head.. I remebered in my free bird days I did learn a bit of Hatha Yoga and we had this dead crosss trainer peeping out of the hall window and they both needed refuelling.

Aim was to burn 400 cals a day excercising and reduce 100 cals intake.

So here was my bit by bit plan in place:

😊 Set realistic goals.

😊Download calorie apps to count what you eat.Most of them cost nothing. I used My plate calorie tracker.

😊 Split your 40 mins.. I did 20 min yoga, mainly warm up and surya namaskar to the count of 15 so far in the morning and 20 mins cross training running at 6 mph and resistance 2 after Baby A was in bed. You see,I am only a small being.

😊 Lots of water.. stay hydrated and skip the craving.

😊A carrot or celery stick is better substitiute for some namkeen or bite of fruit cake. Chuck away the naughty bits.

😊 Introduce yourself to plank excercises and take up a 30 day challenge.. I have recently started it.. My goal is a bikini body🤪.

😊 One tea less of my three. One chapati less of my three. I eat all the things I like but in lesser portions now. Result- my body, soul and mind are set to the new theory.

😊Involve your lil munchkin and tell them that mommy is excercising and let me tell you they get it totally and may find it interesting to give you company.

😊 At the end do not give up even if you can spare 10 min a day .JUST DO IT.

I have been taking these baby steps only since the beginning of new year and I feel and look so much better. Fitting comfortably into size 10 UK is rewarding in itself. When the change is visible, your loved ones appreciate it and that is a motivating factor. My stamina is much improved which has inturn lit up my routine life.

I am hoping to keep up with my big goal on my mind with my tiny tricks this year and further up. Hope you are having some ideas too… please do not forget to share your experience in the comment box!!

Disclaimer:This blog post is primarily motivational. This is my personal research and regime and may not suit everyone of us. One may need to consider varied factors like age,metabolic rate, medical condition , any medication etc before cracking on with this one.

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