My 3 minutes creation..

Is writing your passion? Have you ever written one thought, few words and no title work? Has an idea, a picture or an observation motivated you to just pen down ?

This is my titleless 3 minutes..

A stick of two,
Broke in a few..
To make a nest..
For the birds to rest..
The flock set in..
Settled down..
They were fixing the twigs
And a thunder came on..
Was it the wolf
Or the clouds streaked
They tried hard..
To hold on tight
They tried hard
Not to give up the fight..
But the stick of two
That was now a few
Shuddered and shattered
Under the rain
The birds flew away
Left the effort in vain..

Share what is your quickest creativity in the comment box ?


All you need is 40 minutes..FITNESS GOALS!!

Are you a busy employee? Are you a working mom? Are you lazy to hit the gym? Or, do you not care because you haven’t touched the fourth decade yet ?

I dread to say I am all of it .. busy working mom..lazy to gym..and SCARED of aging issues.

Last year in December, I had to grip to a physiotherapy appointment. Oh yes!! My knees were hurting and mind you I am still in my 30s. The physio guy told me that my right knee was inflamed, my muscles were taut, my balance and posture was poor and so on …. thank GodπŸ™πŸ™ he didnt say that I may need one of those transplant surgeries in the next decade or so.

Anyways.. those 20 minutes hit my heart straight. I fear dependency of any form and more so physical. So 2019 top resolution was.. push out the adjectives..busy, lazy, working,scared and find a way out.

Google as usual stood as unrivalled research tool and I discovered the following facts :

πŸ–Œ average height and bodied personality like me with BMI 25-26 need to weigh around 52 kgs.

πŸ–Œto lose 500gms or 1/2 a pound a week I need to shut down on 500cals a day.

πŸ–Œ cardio plus stretching is the best mix.

πŸ–Œveggies are better than fruits and celery is better than anything a vegetarian eats.

πŸ–Œmy one sugar little milk tea calls for 40 cals.

πŸ–Œmy tropical granola with nuts and dried fruits was my heaviest meal of the day..

Oh yeah .. that was a lot of R and D for one evening and 3 episodes of House of Cards.

So now where was the action plan while I had the agenda and the data on board. I needed to score something my not so little Baby A will enjoy too without screaming or getting bored of.

Also, I should be able to carry it out realistically while managing a 9 to 5 job, a maidless home and two dependent for food boys (the second one is in late 30sπŸ˜‰)

While it was all in my head.. I remebered in my free bird days I did learn a bit of Hatha Yoga and we had this dead crosss trainer peeping out of the hall window and they both needed refuelling.

Aim was to burn 400 cals a day excercising and reduce 100 cals intake.

So here was my bit by bit plan in place:

😊 Set realistic goals.

😊Download calorie apps to count what you eat.Most of them cost nothing. I used My plate calorie tracker.

😊 Split your 40 mins.. I did 20 min yoga, mainly warm up and surya namaskar to the count of 15 so far in the morning and 20 mins cross training running at 6 mph and resistance 2 after Baby A was in bed. You see,I am only a small being.

😊 Lots of water.. stay hydrated and skip the craving.

😊A carrot or celery stick is better substitiute for some namkeen or bite of fruit cake. Chuck away the naughty bits.

😊 Introduce yourself to plank excercises and take up a 30 day challenge.. I have recently started it.. My goal is a bikini bodyπŸ€ͺ.

😊 One tea less of my three. One chapati less of my three. I eat all the things I like but in lesser portions now. Result- my body, soul and mind are set to the new theory.

😊Involve your lil munchkin and tell them that mommy is excercising and let me tell you they get it totally and may find it interesting to give you company.

😊 At the end do not give up even if you can spare 10 min a day .JUST DO IT.

I have been taking these baby steps only since the beginning of new year and I feel and look so much better. Fitting comfortably into size 10 UK is rewarding in itself. When the change is visible, your loved ones appreciate it and that is a motivating factor. My stamina is much improved which has inturn lit up my routine life.

I am hoping to keep up with my big goal on my mind with my tiny tricks this year and further up. Hope you are having some ideas too… please do not forget to share your experience in the comment box!!

Disclaimer:This blog post is primarily motivational. This is my personal research and regime and may not suit everyone of us. One may need to consider varied factors like age,metabolic rate, medical condition , any medication etc before cracking on with this one.


Have you ever felt the loss of trust ? Have you felt that you could write no more? Have you ever felt a deep silence sinking in your heart? Have you stayed quiet for long before you could express it in words? Here is KYU ? My new rhythm straight from the bottom of my heart .


Nahi likha kuch yahaan,
Waqt tha.. khayaal nahi,
Ajeeb baat ho rahi aajkal sath mere,
Kuch attpatte se is shehar mein..
Jaha Log aksar kehte hai,
“waqt hone ka hi sawaal nahi!”


Kyu nahi peerote shabd mala mein kahi?
Kyu nahi bhejte daakiya sang chithiya?
“Jawaab du , par kyu kahu?”
Kyu mera mann khaamosh hai?
Kyu nahi likha .. kya yeh bhi mera dosh hai?
Kyu nikalta nahi kalam se,
Kyu aata koi bhuchaal nahi?


Shaam hai wahi khadi, savera phir se aayega,
Panchi udaan bharenge, suraj muskurayega,
Sab wahi achal sada, kyu koi sangraam ho?
Kyu andhera ghire?
Kyu phir yeh dharti fatte?
Kyu likhu mein mithya?
jab chahta kabhi kaal nahi!!


Kyu mujhe poochte ho kya soch se hai pare?
Kyu meri syaahi mein rang kaale bhare?
Kyu mujhe tokte ho?
Kyu mujhe baandhte ho?
Baat roshni ki karu toh,
Kalaam mera faadte ho..
Sab sun ke sunn hu pada,
Nishabdhta koi jaal nahi …


Sach toh yeh hai..
Yaha logo ke paas sunne ka waqt nahi
Aur mere paas kehne ko khayaal nahi!!!

New year’s resolution-break it or make it!

I make them every year and I can guarantee you do the same despite knowing the fact that they are meant to be broken. Yet in the name of the new year it is all worth a try. Last year the last few days called for a bit of a travel around the UK and some adventure. Baby A was spoilt by his cousins and he loved hanging onto them like a gibbon. Did they mind it at all? No!!! They loved him and his weird ways. And no wonder I loved it too ’cause it only meant chilled out evenings for me.

I was so lost in the wonderland that I did not even care to brush up my thoughts on what’s gonna be my life changing decisions this yearπŸ˜‰ (with a right sarcasm there).

The day after the new year bank holiday was my typical day ..same old early morning wake up alarm, tea, bath, prayers ,breakfast,Baby A’s drop to the nursery and the same old dentistry. This aged routine was interspersed this morning with five surya namaskars, one idli less for lunch, one fruit at 11 AM, a frantic realisation of a lost gold ring,call to my dad, come-home workout, quick cooking, winding up,early dinner and #WP.

I sat down finally on my chequered couch wrapped in a fleece introspecting the day as usual. “Did Alice asked me at work what were my new year’s resolutions or did she tell hers ?”, I muttered to myself. And there was this instant reply,” Guess both!” Then what did I need to add or subtract on a daily basis or did I just mentioned the tweak? But by the time my eyes started to turn droopy I knew what big and small I was going to change in 2019?

Here I go with mine and do let me know yours.. a little exchange might keep us motivated :-

😊 Excercise on– be it even 15 minutes any morning I won’t skip it.. I will stretch my taut and lost muscles to feel alive each day.

😊 Low on binging – 1/2 chapati less, 3 idlis instead of 4, budget on snacking , only a slice of pizza a week.. tiny yet realistic goals are on my mind this year.

😊 Call my makers everyday –living far off in varied time zones doesn’t given me enough chance to catch up with my parents everyday. But this year I am not gonna regret it.

😊 Get a grip– I have been a bit reckless lately and I do not hesitate to admit it all in the name of being a busy mum. Time to get a grip and get more organised. And if it is at all there, it is this year.

😊 That phone sleeps out- I will put the alarm on but keep the phone out of my room. I will let it sleep and I shall sleep too high on No Social Media nights.

😊 Read more than write- yes more of the blogs.. read more..learn more.. reflect more..and then improvise on what I write.

😊 Discipline – simply be good not because I am aging but because I don’t want to be aging earlier than I should.

This is my short and achievable list that I wish to embellish in my life per diem. Will I be able to do it religiously ? -Only the next 365 pages shall disclose this and I shall share with you as it comes to me.

The positive of not having mega expectations marked as resolutions is you set them, you dodge them yet you make it all happen..

Happy New Year fellas!

Bachpan sa !!

Aaj subah khola parda khidki ka,

Toh kuch oss ki boonde chipki thi,

Dhundh thi ya tha dhua ..

Yeh yaad kaanch mein kiski thi..


Barso pehle koi chaadar uthata tha,

Jo na nikle toh shor machaata tha,

Woh jo tab maa ki gaali thi,

Aaj yeh dewaare unse khaali thi..


Subah ki chai aur akhbaar mein,

Gum baithe the woh sarkaar mein,

Meine yu hi jo na keh di,

Badal jaati thi woh takraar mein..


Mera aur uska kamra ek tha,

Par uska palda bhaari tha..

Mein yu hi mil gaya tha unko,

Jinki woh duniya saari tha…


Aankh mein kabhi aansoo,

Kabhi hothon pe khushi thi,

Us din badi mashaqat se,

Meri jeb bhari thi..


Darwaza zor se khadkaya tha

Gali ke yaaron ko gali mein bulaya tha ,

ice cream!! Pepsi!! Cola!!”

Shaan se Maine khilaya tha …


Barfi,bhaagam bhaag, vish amrit,

Kitaabein kam,khel jyada tha,

Kuch na kuch karenge beshaq,

Aisa buland iraada tha..


Choti baatein.. bas baatein thi..

Oss ki boondo si yaadein thi..

Bachpan sa bebaaq kya hoga..?

Sagar ke moti sa paak Kya hoga..?

Dhundh ho ya bhi ho..

Us yaad sa saaf kya hoga..?

My morning date!!

How good it is sometimes to allow yourself a break? I decided to take an off on a day when I could send Baby A to the day care. Was I a mean mom? Not sure!! But this was a much needed #metime day.

Because I have been on a bit of a diet program( in the wrong festive seasonπŸ™„) I could not get a goodnight sleep,all down to my all-veggie day two🀨!!. Never mind we two woke up, got dressed in the Christmas jumpers,picked his rusk and beanie and hopped out of the house. To our surprise it was a pleasant winter morning with temperature being around 8C..very unusual for a near Christmas day in the UK.

Right! there we were handing over Christmas goodies to the key worker, a Christmas dot and spikes painting by Baby A, and a store bought glittery card too.

“Happy days”, I chuckled to myself as he gladly drifted in her gentle arms and pointed to the pink lidded Weetabix jar. If the world must hate me for it,be it. For once I was going to be with myself in a long time. I drove back with my side car window open,gasping a breathe of fresh air, clearing the cobwebs of my dormant brain, wanting to inspire my soul, retrieving my senses, and a free bird existence!!

I did not get out of the car for a short while, was listening to my hot favourite singer.. she is blessed with a melodious voice and a hint of sensuality to it.. Her subtle numbers played one after the other in the muffled car stereo, spilling over the quality of the outcome. Yet they compelled me to recall the last time I sat down with Mother Nature with the cold breeze hitting my face and the music ringing in my ears..

I turned the stereo off, pulled my car keys out, locked my bright red VW and geared up for a stroll. I was wrapped well enough for a fairly cold morning. As I walked along the still not frozen but fallen leaves, my eyes and the lenses captured all from the dew drops to marshy patches of the winters. Every single laden shade was a painting of thousand words and those that caught my attention the most are here..

Nature is a constant force. It not only motivates you to stay grounded, it is also a healer. My date this morning with the greens and browns took me to a meditation zone. My crosswired mind was quiet for those few moments when I was trying to peep through those dew drops…. may be it was breathing!! Peace!! Love!!Warmth!!

In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.

John Muir

My cuppa was ready, the steam was escaping from the mug like waves emerging from an ocean… the sparrows were humming in 8C.. the song of joy, a pigeon was building her nest on barren tree branches, sun was shining peach from the dispersed clouds, the dew drops were hanging in air waiting to lose the surface tension and lay flat in the moist grounds merging their mere souls into the textures of the swampy soil.

#SCENIC #TRANQUIL #UNPERTURBED #COMPLACENT #COMPLETE #PLACID.. there are not enough adjectives to cover what dear nature gifts us..

My day started on a note which still can’t be fully described in words, it is inscribed now.. It was a smooth sail and soon I was rejuvenated to get on the chores for the day. All was done and it was evening in no time. I was all set to see my gleaming boy with all his Christmas preps!!

The day that was all about love ended with a cuddle and a kiss!!

Five simple ways to engage your toddler this winter vacay and ONE recipe!!

Phew!! Outta mah hiatus.. πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈπŸ™‹β€β™€οΈI missed the updates from my fellow bloggers, I missed jotting down my random thoughts and I missed musing over those stats which practically went to their all time low for all my absence.

While #WP activity was minimal over the last few weeks, I have been busy planning the Christmas week off activity for my li’l elf. It is a complete festive shut down here in the last week of December and the winters are gonna be spiking soon..leaving us three with us three.. πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈI wish we could fly back to India saving ourselves from the hibernation but the chances this winters are bleak. Hence, my grey matter had to shake up and come up with some innovation to keep ourselves warm and occupied.

My toddler has been engaging with a lot of new stuff and learning at a faster pace than he ever did. He is a porcupine I guess , not so ready to give into winters yet.πŸ˜‰πŸ€” Well, for me that only means 24×7 mommin -it -up and no fuzzy feel.. As much as I love his crazy activities, I researched on sorting out this last week with a pinch of me.

The ideas highlight on how to engage a two-year old into a learning process while inspiring creativity..

#005 scribble and learn

We got him a slate and some coloured chalks,recently. I remember from my childhood days that my first writing pad was a slate and a white chalk. The parents then did not have screens and were very environment savvy not to allow any paper wastage. Hence, the first tools were the ancient means to write which I absolutely cherished and want my Sonnie to love them too. We will be going over the alphabet, shapes and numbers this vacay with our coloured chalks and slate.

#004 building blocks

While not so li’l Baby A is an ardent fan of building blocks, I was recently updated by Mr.Hubby that the building blocks have been reviewed as one of the best toys to stimulate learning in a child by Ryan, a 8- year old user of the new-aged toys. So this stay-with-mommy week, I have decided to use the bag of blocks to create new structures and stories and pretend play creating a car hub or mini markets to enhance his learning about varied situations while enjoying his silly reactions to my wacky make-ups.

#003 Dance till you last

Learning doesn’t need to involve a mental activity alone, a simple physical pursuit can go a long way in making learning more attractive and fun. Being bilingual makes speech for little munchkins delayed. Baby A is pretty good with his English words for his age and does understand our Hindi commands, yet cannot speak many Hindi words. While we all our off and cozy in our den, we will make sure we dance to the Hindi rhymes and tunes and create our silly short poems and stories. My basic tools shall include puppets, stickers, board books, slate & chalk and my tongue😝😝. What are your ways of teaching languages to your child? Do let me know!

#002 creative play date

Who is a better company – mom or my friend?? Big question for a tiny brain..but the more the merrier!! While play date are the standard means of entertainment, a creative play date can help your honeybun learn better at home while having lots of fun. A musical activity with tubs and pots, sensory play with different fabrics, paints and brushes, mini golf with wooden laddle and tiny balls, pointing out colours with shimmering rice lights on the Christmas tree and glue tags on a chart paper are some of the ideas that I have in my mind for spending the week off! What else can we do ??? Still pondering!!

#001 who cooks better this Christmas??

Why not bake together? They love cakes and sweeties and it is Christmas. I just practiced a quick 40 minute eggless orange almond sponge and we are gonna try this finger licking recipe again the week after.

Without much ado here’s the recipe below:

Ingredients –

2 cup self raising flour

1tsp sodium bicarb

2 tsp baking soda

1 tin condensed milk (400gms)

100 gms molten butter

Almond flakes as needed

2 tsp orange essence

1 tsp orange food color


πŸ˜‹ sift the dry ingredients in a bowl. Add a handful of almond flakes here

πŸ˜‹ mix the wet ingredients in other bowl

πŸ˜‹fold the dry ones in wet ingredients ( this is your little baker’s job) to a dropping consistency

πŸ˜‹add the content to a baking dish. Garnish with the remaining almond flakes. Bake for 10 min at 180C and 20 min at 160C. Check for a clean toothpick in the centre or by pressing the cake softly.

πŸ˜‹ allow it to rest for 5 min before you all celebrate the Christmas..

Love love love … is all you need at times!!

Yet do not forget to add to my tips to help us celebrate and learn in this last week of 2018..

Merry Christmas everyone πŸ¦ŒπŸŽ…πŸŽ…

A simple way to feed the veggies!! – Vegetable Au Gratin

It is winters officially. While they bring the cozy stay home days with them, they also tag the flu viruses along, making it hard for your babies to feed on the good stuff. As it is,we usually struggle to get those greens down those tiny tummies with a happy face 😊on.

Luckily,Baby A is OKAY with his veggies yet there are few to which he clearly nods a “NO.” And trust me it is nearly impossible to convince that they are as nice as the meetha khaaja ( home made cookie) sent by daadi (grannie).

At other times, these little adamant creatures go through phases of declining whatever keep-fit options are offered to them. It may be a lag period of growth chart, it may be to do with the underlying illness, it may be that they haven’t napped that noon or it may be a for simple reason like they learnt the two-lettered word ‘NO’ just yesterday.πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

You do not know for sure what is the cause and they cannot tell you clearly but in the end we all go through this and we all know inside our melting hearts that this shall pass too!!

But this often reminds me of what my mum told about me to others very proudly. She never hesitated mentioning to my mommy-cousins that I was such an easy going child,could be fed anything by anyone without a whinge. She,of course never misses the chance to credit herself about it by adding,” We did not have the internet and Google then. All we had was our time for our kids and we cooked with love for them. So you see, they ate what was offered to them.” “Ouch!!πŸ€”That’s not fair, I love my li’l man too, Ma!” , I often retort to close the conversation on a no-debate note.

Anyways and…πŸ™„

Meanwhile for all such days, I keep refining my cooking skills and working a step further to make the food look, taste and feel better while restoring the nutrition into my cheeky monkey. Hence to make sure I gave him a full package of his not-so favourite veggies, I tried this Vegetable Au-gratin recipe which masked the goodness in a delish bechamel sauce. πŸ₯˜

Below is an easy pictorial recipe below for twoπŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

✍ Choose the veggies you want to add and blanch them in boiling water to make them al-dente.(P.S.each veggie may have a separate time like cauliflower may need longer than corn)

✍ For bechamel sauce(aka white sauce) take 1tsp butter, 1 minced garlic pod, 1 star anise, few pepper corns crushed, Italian dressing, chilli flakes (optional) 2tbsp all purpose flour and 1 cup milk.

✍ Heat the butter. Add garlic, fry till golden. Add herbs and spices. Mix milk and flour. Stir in the pan slowly to obtain thick consistency. Test for consistency – if you put the spoon in the sauce it should coat the spoon.

✍ Coat butter in a baking dish. Add a layer of sauce. Mix the blanched veggies in the remaining sauce, add salt and pour in the dish. Grate cheese on top if you like.

✍ Bake at 200C in a preheated oven for 15 min or till golden brown on sides. Garnish with crushed pepper and herbs. Serve with some garlic bread.

Baby A helped me to make the dish as well when it came to stirring the flour and milk and munching on the carrots. Later, we both enjoyed our dinner.

Hope you liked my masking idea. Please let me know if your li’l one enjoyed this veggie bake..till then happy cooking.πŸ₯˜πŸ˜‰

When you have not written for long…

When you have not written for long ..

The writer in you is sitting behind,

May be singing a doltish song..

May be finding his own rhyme.


Tuning himself and his dull life..

For a sync with his own motivation..

Is he being beady-eyed..?

Or is he weaving a sinful creation?


May be his grey matter is less ruffled,

May be he is longing for a window,

Has his world not recently baffled,

Or is he missing the pompous show??


May be he is waiting for a sunshine,

May be all’s been beautiful like a rose

May be he hasn’t needed the last wine ..

And that’s why he never wrote..


May be he was being wishful..

Will my readers ask for my long absence?

May be he was acting pricey..

Or yarned writing did not make any sense..


Be it whatever, be it wherever..

The writer in you moans but never dies,

He wants to fixate the ego,

Yet writes it all in disguise..


He wants to burst the emotion,

But lacks the insane..

A writer is a true writer,

When he writes not facts but his pain..

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